How To Watch Wrestlemania 2019 Live Stream Online – WWE 35

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If wrestling is an addiction then the WWE fans are addicted. This year WWE is about to bring WrestleMania 35 as they have already gifted 34 golden seasons of WrestleMania to their fans. The wrestling lovers from all over the world were waiting for this season from a year and their wait is about to end. The 35th WrestleMania will take place at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, April 7, 2019. This week-long celebration will surely get the appreciation from loyal fans like you.

Wrestlemania 2019 Live Stream Online

What is WrestleMania:

Wrestlemania is an annual Wrestling event arranged by WWE every year between March to April. This event was first introduced by WWE in 1985 and till now WWE has organized 34 successful Wrestlemania event. The concept of Wrestlemania was taken from the idea of Vince McMahon who is the owner of WWE. The first season of Wrestlemania was organized at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The first season of Wrestlemania was very successful. From then, It has got tremendous popularity. Now every year wrestling fans and lovers wait for this annual event. If you are a WWE fan and have not watched any Wrestlemania event till now then You have missed a lot of things. You should watch one event and believe me you will be a fan of the Wrestlemania event. Nowadays WWE fans have become crazy about this event. Wrestlemania is not a one day match, it is a week-long wrestling event. No other WWE event is as crazy as this one. This event has broken all the record of fan attendance on the event day. Wrestlemania 32 was highest-attended professional wrestling event till now with an attendance of 101,763 fans. So, From this, You can imagine how popular this event is!

Wrestlemania 2019 Live Stream

Wrestlemania-Greatest Wrestling Show on Earth:

WWE not only shows off sports rather it is sports packed with pure entertainment. Wrestlemania is no exception. From the set design to a mini-concert, Wrestlemania is full of entertainment. You have watched a super bowl like sports, right? They show commercial break every 5 minutes. But WWE event is not like that. It is pure wrestling mingled with entertainment. Most of the wrestling event is a single day program but Wrestlemania event lasts for the week. Drama is the next thing which makes this event extraordinary from other sports event. Other commercial sports event does not contain any drama because of their nature. But WWE event is full of high-intensity real drama. The next thing that makes this show great is “wrestling is not fake”. Most of the people know very well that wrestling is totally fake. But that’s not true. Yes, all the wrestling match are choreographed and practiced by the participants but the pain they goes through are not fake. The next great thing about this event is the wrestler. All the wrestler are physical storyteller who performs the art of storytelling through their wrestling. Wrestlemania is full of celebrity wrestler with a huge fan following. The crowd of Wrestlemania matches is also worth noticing. So, all these qualities make this show greater than others silly sports event.

WWE Announces Wrestlemania 35 Will Be At MetLife Stadium

5 Fun facts about Wrestlemania:

1. More than 1 million people have attended or watched Wrestlemania live match by attending the event. The approx number is around 1.6 Million. This is great number of attendant for any wrestling show. From this fact one can imagine the popularity of the Wrestlemania event.

2. Do you know which is the longest running Wrestlemania match in history? That match happened in 1996 and it is considered one of the longest matches on the history of WWE. But it seems that WWE has broken its own record nowadays.

3. What about the shortest match in the history of Wrestlemania? The first shortest match was an 11-second match of Wrestlemania 24. But now it has been replaced by the 32nd Wrestlemania match. It was a six-second duration match.

4. Would you believe that WrestleMania 2 took place on Monday Night? Yes, You have heard it right. This was an experimental match by the WWE. Hope you were not aware of the fact.

5. Trish Stratus has the record of most women matches. She has appeared in Wrestlemania season 16, 17, 20 and 29.

Why You should be excited about Wrestlemania 35:

1. Braun Strowman can be seen on Wrestlemania 35 with low profile matches. Though reports are not confirmed there is much possibility.

2. According to rumors, Shane McMahon vs The Miz match can be seen on this season of Wrestlemania. If the rumors are true then you have much more to be excited.

3. Shawn Michaels can come back one more time. If you are missing him on such big even then this event can make you smile.

4. The most exciting match of Wrestlemania 2019 could is AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar. There is much probability to see this high voltage match.

5. Another exciting match could be between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins. Rumors are saying that this match can really happen on this season.

How to Watch 35th WrestleMania 2019 WWE Live Stream Online:

WWE has fans from all over the world, Right? So, From wherever you are, You can still join this wrestling festival and have a great by streaming all the matches of this season by streaming it live from your device. There are plenty of ways to watch WrestleMania. Here we are going to guide so that You can choose a particular way to enjoy these matches. You just sit back, relax and continue reading this article.

Watching options for 35th WrestleMania 2019 in the USA:

We Know Most of people are very exited to Watch WrestleMania 2019 Live Stream. Before going to detail, We need to look back on the past. As everybody knows that WrestleMania is not a single Wrestling match, it is divided into some section like WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, NXT TakeOver, SmackDown Live, and Monday Night Raw. All these matches will go live as the season start. If you are a resident of USA then there are many door open to you to watch 35th WrestleMania 2019 Live. Firstly, You can buy a ticket and go to the stadium for an epic wrestling experience. But If you are a lazy fan who hate to go to the stadium but want to join the carnival then still you can do that. You can go for satellite TV Channel to watch the live matches. Even You can try the Online Live Streaming of WrestleMania for an awe experience.

How to watch 35th WrestleMania using satellite and cable television:

WWE is giving rights to the TV Channel for showing their live matches. Like, In the past, SmackDown was shown on Fox then it was moved to USA Network. Various TV Channel and Cable Networks offer live WrestleMania matches and this year will not be an exception. Though there is no confirm news for any particular tv channel or network yet, we will update the information as we get any confirmation. So, You just need to check our site for the right information of the broadcasting channel list. Now the question is how to watch the WrestleMania using satellite and cable TV. Here is a step by step guide.

1. First of all, Get your device where you want stream Wrestlemania 2019 live and make sure you are connected to the internet.

2. Select the browser and go to the channel website. Navigate to the live section of that site.

3. Choose your service provider from there. You may need to login there. If so, then do it.

4. Now You can enjoy the wrestling matches live from your device with zero problems.

WrestleMania 2019 Live Stream using the app:

If you love watching content on tablet or mobile then you can do the same for Wrestlemania 2019 matches. You need to download the channel application where the match is going live to your gadget. Then you are ready to go. By streaming matches on handy devices, you will not disturb others which is a good thing. Almost every TV Channel application on the internet is free and they are compatible with most of the devices. So, You don’t need to worry about anything.

How to use the channel app on your phone or tablet for streaming:

1. Search for the particular channel app. Download and install it on your device.

2. Charge your device fully so that you have a smooth experience.

3. Launch the app and Go to Menu > Live section of the app.

4. The app may ask for your location. Give the necessary command that the app needs to operate.

5. You will get a list of the service provider. From there select yours.

6. Login with your account. That’s it. You are ready to go.

7. Get the back to the app on the event time and watch the matches one by one.

How to watch the 2019 WrestleMania live without cable:

Cable is not the only option available to you to watch WWE matches. There is still some other suitable option to choose from. There is some 3rd party streaming portal left to you YoutubeTV, Facebook Pages which will go live during the match. Though these 3rd party portal are not committed enough to their service, still you can watch Wrestlemania live matches from there.

Watching options for 35th WrestleMania 2019 Outside USA:

WWE has a fan base globally. So, Wrestling fans from all over the world wait for WWE events. As usual, Fans from all over the world are waiting for this year WrestleMania event. Every single fan wants to stream Wrestlemania 2019 live. So, If you are a WWE fan from outside USA and you are waiting for this season of Wrestlemania then we have good news for you. You can stream this live event from our shared link. We are also sharing all the streaming method so that you can watch wrestling without hassle. You have to do one thing. Just check our site on the match time and you will surely get a streaming way on our site.

Wrestlemania 2019 Live Stream on Social Media:


Youtube is the best social platform for sports live stream nowadays. You can easily find some dedicated WWE channels who usually do live stream of WWE matches. So, Finding a Youtube Channel is the easiest way that you can do to see live Wrestlemania match.


Facebook Live stream has become very popular in recent times. Some FB pages related to WWE do live stream of WWE matches. So, If you find any FB page like this then you have nothing to worry about this year Wrestlemania event.


Have you ever heard about Reddit live stream? If you have not then you are missing many things. There are many subreddit on Reddit that do stream WWE Live matches. You should try to get a subreddit where you can watch Wrestlemania 35 matches.


Twitter is a great platform to find live coverage of WWE match. There is some official channel where you can look for such live coverage. This a free and trustable way for live streaming.

Watch Wrestlemania 2019 Using VPN:

Suppose you are living in a place from where you can not watch WWE matches for the geo-restriction. What will you do? VPN. Yes, it can remove the barrier of geo-restriction. If you use a VPN while watching live matches of Wrestlemania then it will show a different location of yours. Basically, VPN changes the real location of a user and help them to surf on the internet what is restricted. There are good numbers of paid and free VPN on the internet. You can use the paid ones if you want a good service though the free ones are not bad either. The free VPN also ensure a good service to the user. Just get ant good VPN and you are ready to stream the Wrestlemania live matches of 2019.

Stream Wrestlemania 2019 using DNS Proxy:

DNS proxy works similarly like the VPN. A VPN creates a false geo location of the user, DNS Proxy also do the same. When you are not able to find any good VPN then you should go for DNS. It works almost similar. For some cases, it works better than VPN. So, If you face any problem with VPN then go for DNS proxy.

Live Stream 35th Wrestlemania using Kodi:

Kodi is the best platform for sports live stream. From tv series to movies and awards to sports, Kodi is best suitable for all of those. Kodi is the top favorite among those who know how to watch live wrestling matches using Kodi. If you have no idea how you can do live stream of Wrestlemania 2019 using Kodi, then relax, we are here for you. Follow the below steps to know how to use Kodi for the live stream:

1. Launch the Kodi app and go to the Addon section.

2. Select the Package Installer Icon.

3. Now You need a particular Addon. Find the channel name where the live stream going on. Search and Find the related video Addon.

4. Upload it on Kodi. Sign in to that Video Addon account. Go to the channel and start streaming.

By following this way one can stream any type of sports event live on Kodi. Just find the Channel where the event is going live and find that related Video Addon. That’s it.

Free and Paid Ways of Streaming WrestleMania 2019 Matches:

There are two ways to stream a live sports match. The one is free and the other is paid. If we talk about the paid option of streaming 35 Wrestlemania then the first will be the Cable Connection. Gooing to Stadium is also costlier. There is some online Tv channel subscription pack which will cost the viewer less but still, that is paid. If you don’t want to waste any money then there are plenty of free methods available to you. You can go for Social Media live streaming to enjoy Wrestlemania 2019 live match. You can also visit our site for the free streaming link of Wrestlemania 35. Even If you use the free method you will not compromise on quality because we will bring you the best possible quality. Now the choice is totally up to you. If you are okay with the paid methods then go for it. If you are not then we will suggest you try our free provided option. Believe me, You will not regret.

Watch 35th Wrestlemania matches using Sling TV:

The online channel is getting popular day by day and Sling TV is one of those. Sling TV offers the user to watch WWE live matches without an expensive cable connection. The only thing is required is good cable connection and Sling TV subscription. It is the cheapest way to watch Wrestlemania live matches. But the internet connection must be good for a fluid viewing experience. You can surely look for Sling TV if you specially looking for a cheap way to stream WrestleMania live match. You can check the subscription charge of Sling TV on their official site and go for the pack that suits you the most.

Stream Wrestlemania 2019 live matches using Hulu:

Hulu is same online live TV service like Sling. It is very popular in America. If this is available in your area then this can be another good option for live streaming Wrestlemania matches. But make sure one thing that you have a very speedy internet connection. If you already have a very good internet connection then just go for a subscription plan of Hulu and stream WWE matches without any tension. Sling and Hulu work similarly. Check which one is easily available in your area then go for one.

Wrestlemania Matches on PlayStation Vue:

PlayStation Vue is the best reliable option for WWE lovers. Usually, WWE lovers can watch all the exciting matches on Vue. But when it comes to the matter of live matches, the PlayStation Vue has a job to do. The WWE fans can enjoy the pre and post event show of Wrestlemania on Vue. This adds more excitement to the whole event. If you normally use PlayStation Vue then you must have a good internet connection. Moreover, PlayStation is compatible with all type of console. PlayStation Vue also offers the free trial. You can subscribe to their free trial plan and check their content quality. If you don’t like their service then you don’t need to pay anything. So, there is no issue for the Wrestling lover when it is a matter of live wrestling matches on PlayStation Vue.

Wrestlemania 35th Live Stream on Roku:

You may have heard about Roku Player aka Roku. This is the best method of home entertainment. The user can play tv series, movies or live sports on Roku. You can stream live WWE matches on Roku easily. If you have Roku subscription then go to the WWE channel. There you will find the content that you are looking for. Roku is a trusted platform and is working for years. If you have any doubt about Roku then believe us that You will not be disappointed with their services. You can surely go for their subscription as it is safe.

35th WrestleMania matches Live on Fubo TV:

Fubo TV is another cheaper way to watch Wrestlemania 2019 live matches. Many people have stated their satisfaction with the service of Fubo TV. If you have not any cable connection still you want to watch this wrestling event then you can go for the subscription of Fubo TV. They have some amazing pack for the user. You can check to their site for the best deal. Streaming live matches of WWE on Fubo TV is hundred percent legal and the streaming quality is really praiseworthy. The best thing about fubo TV is the free trial where the user can use Fubo TV for a certain amount of time for totally free. If the user doesn’t like the quality then he/she didn’t need to pay anything which is great. So, You must give a try to Fubo Tv if you have not done it yet.

Wrestlemania on DirecTv Now:

We have seen DirecTV broadcasting Live WWE matches on the past. But we are not sure this time that DirecTV will broadcast Wrestlemania 2019 or not. IF you have DirecTV subscription and you want to know about the confirmation then visit our site later. We will update it on our site if we get any confirmation about this.

Live Stream Wrestlemania 2019 on Fire TV:

Fire Tv is a popular media player by Amazon. Fire Tv has a bunch of sports channel where WWE matches go live. If you own Fire TV stick then you can go for live match of Wrestlemania. The micro-console remote of fire tv makes it easier to make the show more excited. We will surely tell you to try streaming WWE matches on Amazon Fire TV sticks. Hope you will like it. IF you are not happy with the live streaming of Fire TV then there are other options available to you. You can look for them.

35th Wrestlemania on Chromecast:

Google Chromecast is the safest option for the live stream when it comes to the matter of WWE live matches. Chromecast makes it easier to stream live sports matches. If you own Google Chromecast then we will highly suggest you give it a try. You will be amazed to see the results as Chromecast makes your viewing experience more vivid and smoother.

How to stream Wrestlemania 2019 matches on Tablet or Smartphone:

Smartphone and Tablets are handy gadgets that one can use on the go. So, It takes the watching experience to the next level. If you have a smartphone in your hand and you have internet on your device then you are ready to go. You can watch live wrestling WWE matches by buying a subscription of a channel. If you even don’t want to spend any money then we have other free option for you. You will get the free streaming link on this site on the match time. You can stream the match for free from our shared link. The most interesting thing of streaming live match in a phone is that you can watch the match from anywhere in the country. There is nothing to worry.

Wrestlemania 2019 Tickets:

The tickets of Wrestlemania are like hotcakes. It is not that easy to get a ticket because everyone wants to see WWE matches with their real eyes because it creates memory. The tickets of this year Wrestlemania is already on sale. You can check to the official website of WWE for ticketing info. There is also some 3rd party website who do sell some tickets at high prices. If you can afford then you can go for them. The ticket for this year starting from 35$ to 1000$. There are some VIP seats available which will cost around 2000-2500$. If money doesn’t matter to you then go for the luxury seat as it will ensure vivid experience. So, If you want to see Wrestlemania 2019 matches then you can book a ticket. But do fats as the tickets are limited.

Travel and Tour Packages for 35th Wrestlemania:

Wrestlemania is not a one day program. It is a wrestling weekend for the fans. If you have made a mindset that you are going to the MetLife Stadium to watch the matches this year then you should select a travel and travel package because this will create a lifetime memory for you. You can do a little bit of search on the internet to get the best deal. Search like- hotel Packages for Wrestlemania 2019 and you will get all those lucrative deals.

Final Thoughts:

Most of the wrestling fan is not going to the stadium. If you are one of them then online streaming is the only way left to you. We have shared some best method of online streaming. You can try them. All of them may not work but most of them will work for sure. We will also update the best streaming method and link so that you can easily do Wrestlemania 2019 live stream.

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