The daily mail rewards are partnered with the nectar in 2017.The daily mail is also known as my mail rewards.The unique number of daily mail rewards is 12 digits.The code which is mentioned in the daily mail rewards is 12 digits long but the newspapers themselves contain the 15 digits. And you can enter just 12 digits which are numerals after daily mail rewards login.

And also remember this that the code is usually located at the back of the newspaper somewhere around the edge. If you can buy the daily mail rewards every day and the mail on Sunday so you can collect a total of 80 nectar points. And for this purpose, you can sign up to the mail rewards and during the setup you will be redirected to the nectar. In this section, you will be asked for your nectar details.

The maximum number of the nectar points You can earn each week By using the free codes in the mail is 80 nectar points. So it means that you can earn a maximum of 80 nectar points each week. You can find the unique number on the back of the daily mail rewards newspaper. The reason is that the unique numbers are found on the back page of the daily printed newspaper.

This is found in both the daily mail Nectar and the mail on Sunday. After this, once you have your unique number you need to sign into mail rewards and type your personal code to redeem the nectar points. All the unique numbers so entered have their own mail points value by keeping on the entering your unique number, the user is able to collect the mail points.

So this is the complete procedure of the signup of daily mail rewards and also know about the unique numbers which are considered in the daily mail rewards. For the further detail of the daily mail rewards club or Mymail rewards you can visit the official website of the daily mail rewards.