Check iqama status & expiry

Hi friends Today I will explain here the whole information of Iqama status check and iqama expiry date. Read article to learn each and everything about it.

In Saudi Arabia or all the State of this Arabia where we Used the Iqama or seems like this type of any services whiich is used for the permission of living or getting services other in current state.

There if you want to check Iqama Expiry or ending date then your on the right place here the way to check the whole stauts and other Services about the iqama.

Because this whole website and article is about to iqama details checking and iqama services checking. Here you will get the More and much details about this services.

Many of the Wesbite are not giving you they way to checking this type of the services but here you will only get the way to checking these all the services because this article and website is totally based on the iqama expiry.

Before starting any thing about this topic you have to firstly know about the iqama, Means what is the iqama and why this is used in Suadi Arabia. Its A residence permit Which issued to expatriates arriving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on a work visa.

The residence is valid for 1-2 years. There is a simple but a little difficult procedure to follow if you lose your residency or green card. And Here you can check about all the Details with this Website with Fully content and other Methods which you will only get form this Website services.

For further More Details Please visit the Given link and Check the Whole article about this topic where you will get all the best and better way of understanding of this one. Here you will also get the other common details about this Iqama Status Check

How To Check Iqama Status & Expiry Date?

Check iqama status & expiry

There are many methods but here is the simple and easy way to check the status of iqama like the expiry date. Easy and new method is a checking with Absher. Absher app is a best invention of Saudi Government that helps worker to check their status.

First of all you need to install and open the Absher application

Go into new user section and create account as a new user means new worker.

Fill all fields that are must required for new account creating.

Verify the verification code and click to login.

Now enter register gmail and secure password to open the dashboard of Absher.

After that go into the iqama inquiry section and write your iqama number to check status.

In This way yOu can easy check the status of your iqama. For More details and Info Comment below the comment section area.