Kids chat rooms provided by chat avenue have many entertainment features. These are available on chat avenue which are free of cost. It is the best platform for free chat for kids. It provides complete security to kids so that their personal data is unable to leak. So that kids chat avenue feel free to join this chat room and enjoy entertainment through games and chats. It has many features, some of the kids chat room features are as follows.

The kids chat room is an online text based interaction platform between a lot of kids around the globe.

Kids chat room is in the general category and the age requirement of this chat room is, kids must be above 13 years and less than 16 years.

Kid chat rooms do not provide microphone and webcam facilities to kids, because of age restrictions.

This platform is for teens and kids, if a visitor is between 13 and 16 he can enjoy a kids chat room.

There are also more than one forums, life forum, creativity and gaming, it depends on the visitor what kind of chat he/she wants to go for.

Along with features there are some rules and regulations for kid chat. He/she can not share phone numbers, email ID, and messaging ID publicly. He/she found anything suspicious then he/she should be reported immediately to the admin.

He/she does not try to interrupt other users, if he does so, then he will be banned from the chat room.

If he/she tries to hack the chat room then his/server will be completely banned. To ingress in a kid chat room he/she must be above years old and less than 16 years old. Kids do not need to pay to chat. Kids must have to participate in this chat room in the presence of their parents or guardians. Must take a look at safety points in Chat Ave.