Merrick bank is FDIC insured bank so that is why it provides only two types of the credit cards. The one is Platinum Visa credit card and the other is Secures Visa credit card. Every card has its own benefits and separate standard of application. Below are the cards detail that bank provide. But if you want to read full detail about Merrick Bank Credit Card then here is your Answer.

Platinum credit card:

If you want to get platinum credit card from Merrick bank then you will have to reach its standard  by maintaining your credit profile the bank. If you have qualified for platinum visa credit card then Merrick bank will send you an offer of platinum card because you have gained standard.

Platinum visa credit card has many benefits such as

     Due to your latest credit building and money management resources, it provides you free financial help for education.

     You do not need to clear your paper work because everything is online at official website. You can get appropriate access to your online statements in one click through online portal. It is uncluttered and eco friendly.

     You can check you account details by getting alerts on mobile.

     You can access to simple and flexible payments which helps to build your credit and provides you payment options such as check, phone and online transaction

Secured credit card:

If you want take a control on your credits and finances through secures visa credit card then you will also have to reach its qualification and standards. Merrick bank also send you an offer if you meet its credit standard.

Secured credit card has many benefits, which are given below.

     You can get your monthly details of your account from credit bureau.

     It make your credit secure because no one can use it without any authorization.

     Secure credit card holder can access his account by using mobile app or tablet or desktop.

     You can increase your credit line by accessing your account online, you don’t have to call any help line of the bank.

     You can get message and emails alerts.